Pinot grigio 2017

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Pinot grigio has an extremely attractive fragrance that abounds in mature and overwhelmed fruity aromas of continental fruits like apples, bananas and pears. The maturity of the flavor is also evident in additional herbal additives with spicy character. The taste has a mature character as well as the smell and emphasized fullness, whom alongside the strong alcohol the generous extract contributes the most, whose richness, in addition to fullness, is deserving of long-lasting and appealing fruitiness of the aftertaste.


Dry white wine


Wine category: Classic line
Grape variety: Pinot grigio
Alcohol by volume: 14,0 % vol.
Bottle size: 0,75 L
Serving temperature: 10 – 12 °C
Aging: 1 year – bottle

COMBINING FOOD: cooled to 10 – 12 ° C with pork, veal, meat with heavy sauces.