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Baranja has proven to be a Croatian continental wine district offering the greatest potential for premium wine production. What I want to say is that not used all the advantages and opportunities that this region offers have been utilised. It will become a very nice job and a challenge in the coming years.
There is hardly a continental grape variety that does not give great results in Baranja. The most common white variety is the Welsh Riesling, in Croatian “graševina”. It has recently even received recognition as an autochthonic variety by world wine authorities. This variety has shown to be a uniform yield, with relatively good resistance against disease and weather conditions, providing a very wide range of wines, from light, fresh, summer with floral scents to the sweet, very aromatic wines from the ice wine harvests.

Since we produce 10 types of grapes, of which each produce a varietal wine, and we also work on blends of white and red grape varieties. The blends are sold on the market under the name of Batina, adjacent to which are the vineyards. It is in these blends, the white and black Batina sorts that best exemplify all the splendour and potential of Baranja as a wine-growing region. There are the rich wines, the sumptuous and multi-layered, which are true representatives of Baranja given that they contain almost everything that Baranja can give to a wine.

We have been received numerous premium awards for our wines in our country and in the world, with the most awarded wines being the Traminer varieties, followed by Chardonnay, which is has been domiciled very well in Baranja as well as the Cabernet Sauvignon of the red sorts. The latter provides a wine with an incredibly great aging potential, and year in year out, the ripening provides an ever-increasing range of fragrances and flavourings. It matures for at least three years before being released onto the market. Its cousin, the Sauvignon Blanc, each year in a pleasant way surprises with its other aromatic trait.

So we have years dominated by the elder flower, followed by the acacia flower, green pepper, dried herbs or fresh nettles. An early harvest of grapes can provide a fresh and light sort, with less alcohol (11-12%), as a wine for the summer season or a slightly later harvest gives a serious, thick, creamy wine with a higher alcohol content (about 14%) that tolerates wooden barrels relatively well where after bottling it is suitable for long storage. These wines give results after several years of aging.

Our wines, in addition to domestic sales, are currently exported to Belgium, Germany and Poland. The good price to quality ration results in our continuous growth in sales year after year.

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